Angel Jordan

THE VOICE OF A GENERATION - Angel Jordan (@Jordyce) is a truly woke stand-up comedian, writer and hero to the disenfranchised youth of the world. Combining bombastic one liners, devilishly dark insults, socially conscious sexual innuendo and completely detached irony, he’ll touch your heart with his adorable charm. In addition to being Roastmaster of New Zealand’s only show where absolutely nothing is off limits – ROAST BATTLE – he's also the host of the cutest podcast in the world – ‘HOW I BECAME A FAMOUS COMEDIAN'. If he had any friends, they would probably say really nice things to quote here.


Touring Comedians

We are also lucky enough to have brilliant performers who travel across the country to entertain the audiences of Dunedin. Check out their profile, and social media links below.




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