Brent Harpur

Originally hailing from Timaru, Brent Harpur is a self-taught cartoonist, entertainer and art educator. He failed art at High School as his teacher hated cartoons. But Brent was fortunate to get a great English teacher, who instilled in him a love for words and writing. He has spent nearly thirty years traveling the globe, teaching kids & grown ups how to draw cartoons. At last count Brent has worked in eight different countries, including Australia, the U.S.A., Brazil and Mexico. A career highlight was teaching homeless kids at the Supreme Court of Justice (in Brasilia, Brazil) in 2005. At this point in this career, Brent discovered that cartooning was an "international language". When he is not creating or teaching art, Brent continues to explore new ways to use poetry, fashion, spoken-word, comedy & storytelling as a means of bringing people closer together. He has only just realised that he is a "poet trapped inside a cartoonist's body"!! Oh, and Brent is legally blind. Seriously!!!!


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