Dan Brader

Dan Brader is a wild, unique comedian performing his free wheeling, love-it-or-hate-it comedy since 2007. He started in Western Australia and was a part of the competitive Australian comedy scene for two extended periods. 2007-2010 and 2012-2014 (Based in Perth and Melbourne with touring and festivals in there too). Over this period of time he's also consistently toured around NZ and been a key part of the emerging South Island comedy scene when he's been back South for extended periods of time (2010-2012) and recently (2014-present). He's also a prolific writer having written film reviews, video game reviews, music reviews, short plays, comic books and more for various publications and stages including more locally "The Otago Daily Times" and "The Southland Times". He is now in the midst of a nationwide tour for his new solo show "My No Good Stinkin' Loser Comedy Show" which he is taking all over the country and eventually around the world! The first performances of the show in Dunedin Fringe Festival and Palmerston North have already won him a bunch of new fans and friends to his rapidly expanding cult of followers. Here's what the critics have to say--"Brader is a comic you will love or hate, but he's never dull."-- New Zealand Theatre Review.

"In a comedy world that can be a bit ‘same-y’, Dan Brader dares to be different"--ARTSHUB "Known for his morally-questionable storytelling, Dan has a way of making your own wild stories seem tame by comparison"-- Busselton Mail

"He walks his own line and drags the laughs out of it with a sharp shake."--Gagging For It


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