Gerrit Gray

Gerrit Gray is a man of many talents, the most of which is stand-up comedy. Breaking through the mold of the greats before him, he is storming the pantheon with such bits as "The nazi dog" and "Small Pox" leaving audiences wracked with both laughing and sobbing fits. He appeals to both your endless joy, and your limitless sorrow in the endless cascade of performance. His words are like dance, he whirls and twists, a balcony of expression. He confuses like Confuscious and writes words like Shakespere, one would wonder how he fits such art into a mere 4 minutes of material that he's written over a year of performing. Sure, one might say that four minutes of material over a year and a half of performing is lacking, but Gerrit denies that, saying that over the 2 years that he has been performing he has learnt that you always leave the audience wanting more.


Touring Comedians

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