Ian Loughran

Ian Loughran has been performing stand-up comedy since 2009 and has performed in New Zealand, Australia and the UK. He has had sold out solo shows in both New Zealand and Australia. He has opened for Urzila Carlson, James Nokise and Fiona McLoughlin. He also writes and performs comic poetry and has had poems published regularly in the ODT, as well as in ‘Down in Eden’ and the anthology Fire and Ice (Solrwyrm Press). As a performance poet he has read in NZ, UK, USA and Australia. Ian is also a playwright, two of his two short plays have been produced and performed in Dunedin: the award-nominated Last Postcard from Cuba and Head Full of Toys. He was recently been accepted onto and completed the Fortune Theatre's 4 x 4 emerging playwright programme for 2017. Ian produces and hosts two radio shows: the specialist poetry show ‘All Good Poems Wear Travelling Shoes’ (OARFM 105.4) and a music show ‘Sidewalking’ (R1 91FM). He regularly organises poetry and comedy events in Dunedin. As an actor his head was blown off in the movie 'I survived a Zombie Apocalypse'.


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