Reuben Crisp

Reuben Crisp is the stage name of the male comedienne Reuben Crisp.
Once describe by a high-school teacher as “an arrogant smart-arse who uses sarcasm to be a rude asshole!” But this is no longer a concern, given he no longer teaches there.

Just like our new Prime Minister he's young, inexperienced and willing to visit London if the NZ government will fund it. His debut performance in Dunedin, June 2017, and since then this fresh comic has performed across the country: Invercargill; Wanaka; Auckland; Christchurch, and once in the Tron (Hamilton)

Biographical details uncomfortably written in the third person.

“You're very funny, we have to get you on again” - Brendhan Lovegrove

“Thanks for coming to my show” - Arj Barker

“I keep forgetting you’re actually funny” - Josiah Day

“split-second timing, confidence, and brilliantly off-colour gags” - theatreview


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