Rob McLennan

Rob McLennan is a purveyor of fine one-liner gags.

Rob is also said (by unreliable sources) to have reinvented the wheel in 1849, by making it round. He lives with a wife and two children. He’s not sure whose – it’s never come up in conversation. In his spare time, he enjoys taking his pet millipede, Craig, for long walks in the park.

(Actual) Reviews

" …short witty one-liners saw tears in my eyes. " ~ Sasha Jamieson (The Bog)

"A nice compact set of semi-rhetorical musings ... Nicely delivered ... Very funny." ~ Patrick Davies (The Church, Dunedin Fringe)

"Rob's sets are always completely packed with well crafted material and delivery that I look forward to seeing every time." ~ Chris Mac (SIX60)


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